Mission, Function and Objectives

The mission of the Center for Strategic Defense Studies is to “contribute to the consolidation of the principles and objectives stablished in the Statute of the CDS, through the generation of knowledge and the dissemination of a South American strategic thinking in the field of defense and regional and international security”. In this respect, it is proposed to move towards the definition and identification of areas of regional interest, which are considered as the set of common factors, compatible and/or complementary of the national interest of the UNASUR countries.

In compliance with its mission, the following institutional functions and objectives were given to the Center:

Are CEED’s objectives:

a) To contribute through permanent analysis to the identification of challenges, risk and threat factors, relevant opportunities and scenarios for the regional and global defense and security, both in the present and in the medium and long term;

b) To promote the construction of a shared vision that enables joint handling of issues of regional defense and security, of the challenges, threats and risk factors, opportunities and previously identified scenarios, in accordance to the principles and objectives stated in the Constituent Treaty of UNASUR and in the Statutes of the CDS;

c) To contribute towards the identification of conceptual approaches and common basic guidelines that enable the establishment of policies in the area of defense and regional security.

Are CEED’s functions:

a) To carry out studies and research in fields related to regional Defense and Security as well as to organize workshops, edit publications and all those activities related to tackling and discussing themes of interest for the CDS, always as a requirement of the afore mentioned Council and within the scope of its action plans;

b) To establish through the Ministries of Defense, institutional relations and an exchange network with the centers for national strategic studies of the countries that form the South American Defense Council and with those extra regional centers that this Council determines as relevant;

c) To constitute a document and file collection center for the service of the State Members and to further enhance the maintenance of their institutional records; and

d) To carry out ongoing analysis of those situations, events, processes and trends related to regional and international defense and peace, being this analysis available to the Ministers that are part of CDS. This system will be increased by the information provided by each member country, as well as by alternative sources approved by the Council.


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