Organic Structure

The organic structure of the Center for Strategic Defense Studies is integrated by a Directive Council, an Executive Direction, an Administrative Secretariat and a National Experts Body, appointed by each one of the member States of the South American Defense Council.

The Directive Council constitutes the general management body of the CEED and is responsible for establishing the general guidelines that determine the CEED’s Annual Work Plan and activities. This Directive Council is composed by the members of the Executive Instance of the CDS (Deputy Ministers or equivalent).

The Executive Directorate is composed by a Director (who is the legal responsible for the Organization), and a Deputy Director. In order to guarantee the full observance of the principle of balanced representation of the nationalities of Member States, both positions should be of different nationalities, and are appointed by the Directive Council based on the proposals made by the respective Ministries of Defense.

In addition, the CEED has an Administrative Secretariat, responsible area for the general administration of the Center, under the authority of the Executive Directorate. It has an Administrative Secretary in charge (who also should be of different nationality to those of the members of Executive Directorate), and composed by technical-administrative personnel.

Finally, depending on the Executive Directorate, the Center has a Professional Body and a National Delegate Body. The later one, is composed of up to two delegates from each one of the CDS member countries, appointed by its respective Ministries of Defense.


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