Directive Council

The Directive Council of the Center for Strategic Defense Studies is composed by the members of the Executive Instance of South American Defense Council, that is, the Deputy Ministers or equivalents of each one of the UNASUR member States.

The Council constitutes the General Management body responsible for the establishment of the guidelines that determine the lines of research and the activities of the institution. Among the most important attributions of the Directive Council are the election of the members of the Executive Direction, the appointment of the Administrative Secretary, the approval of the CEED’s Annual Work Plan, as well as its budget and financial statements.

Lic. Horacio Aldo Chighizola

Secretary of Strategy and Military Affairs

Republic of Argentina

Gen. José Luis Begazo Ampuero

Deputy Minister of Def. and Coop. to Integral Development

Plurinational State of Bolivia

Admiral Ademir Sobrinho

Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces

Federative Republic of Brazil

Sr. Cristián Riquelme de la Maza Riquelme

Undersecretary of Defense

Republic of Chile


Deputy Minister of Def. for Policyan International Affairs

Republic of Colombia

Mag. Diego Gómez

Deputy Minister of National Defense

Repuiblic of Ecuador

Mr. Joseph Harmon

Min. of State and Sec. of the Defense Council

Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Dra. Gladys Ruiz

Deputy Minister of National Defense

Republic of Paraguay

Sr. Hernán Felipe Flores Ayala

Deputy Minister of Defense Policy

Republic of Peru

Col. Johnny Ricardo Antonius

Deputy Minister of Defense

Republic of Suriname

Mr. Cléver Daniel Montiel

Undersecretary of National Defense

Eastern Republic of Uruguay

Mj. Gral. Kevin Nicolas Cabrera Romero

Deputy Minister of Defense Education

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


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