Executive Directorate

The Executive Directorate is composed by a Director (who is the legally responsible for the Organization), and a Deputy Director, appointed by the Directive Council. In order to guarantee the full observance of the principle of balanced representation of the nationalities of Member States, both positions should be from different nationalities.

In accordance with what was established in the Statute of the CEED, among the most relevant functions of the Executive Director are:

• To prepare the proposal of the CEED’s Annual Work Plan, and put it under the Directive’s Council consideration for its approval, and to coordinate its implementation;

• To exercise the legal representation of the CEED-CDS, and to supervise the responsibilities and tasks of all the structures that form the CEED;

• To execute the budget of the CEED-CDS, and to present a report of the budgetary and program execution of the CEED-CDS to the Directive Council, through the Pro Tempore Presidency. Likewise it should present the work report and financial balance of the Center to the Directive Council;

• To present the annual report on the activities developed by the CEED-CDS to the Directive Council, and to promote the dissemination of the activities and products of the Center according to the guidelines of the Directive Council.

As for the Deputy Director, their functions are to cooperate and support the Director with the tasks that were given in accordance with the Statute; and to assume the Director’s functions if he is absent or on leave.

Col. Mitchell Juliën Labadie, BSc. MPA

Executive Director - CEED


Deputy Director CEED


Phone: +54 11 6091-2561


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