National Counterpart Centers

With the aim of contributing to the better compliance of the mission of the Center for Strategic Defense Studies, the South American Defense Council approved in the Statute of the CEED that the Center should establish institutional relations and a network of exchanges with the national centers for strategic studies of the countries that integrate the CDS, as well as promote the linkage and joint activities of analysis and research with them.

This institutional exchanges network is currently composed by the CEED and the diverse National Centers for Strategic Studies (the so-called National Counterpart Centers), which were properly and officially appointed by the Ministry of Defense of each Member State of the CDS.

University of National Defense - UNDEF

Republic of Argentina

Dir. Gen. of Defense Policy and Coop. To Integral Development

Plutinational State of Bolivia

Center of Strategic Studies of the Superior School of War

Federative Republic of Brazil

National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies - ANEPE

Republic of Chile


Republic of Colombia

Center for Strategic Defense Studies of the MOD

Republic of Ecuador


Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Institute of High Strategic Studies - IAEE

Republic of Paraguay

Center for Higher National Studies - CAEN

Republic of Peru

Department of Strategic Defense and Training Planning

Republic of Suriname

Center for Higher National Studies - CALEN

Eastern Republic of Uruguay

Center for Strategic Studies of the Bolivarian Military University

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


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