Work Lines

The Center for Strategic Defense Studies develops diverse studies and investigations in subjects related to defense and regional security to contribute with the South American Defense Council in providing advice for decision making. The relevance of these studies and researches is that they are the result of the collective work and contribution of the National Delegates, dynamic that allows to integrate plural approaches and perspectives of regional scope.

From the very beginning, the Work Plans have been incorporated diverse lines of investigation. To this date, the Center has two main areas of study: A) Defense Policy and B) Prospective and Strategy, under which are eight axes of investigation that, in turn, are disaggregated in specific thematic lines.

Within Defense Policy area the following investigation axes are found: 1) Confident and Security Building Measures; 2) Institutionalism of Defense in South America; 3) Gender Policy: Woman in Defense Field; 4) Inventory of Military Exercises with third countries; 5) Study of the South American participation in United Nations Peace-keeping and Peace-building Operations and Humanitarian Action; 6) Participation of civilians in Defense Sector; and 7) Cyber-defense.

In addition, within the axis of investigation regarding Confident and Security Building Measures two concrete lines can be distinguished: the South American Register of Defense Expenditures (RSGD) and the South American Register of Military Inventories (RESIM). Likewise, for example, under the Institutionalism of Defense axis we can find six lines, namely: 1) Institutionalism of Defense in South America; 2) South American Inventory of International Agreements in Defense matters; 3) South American Military Interoperability: conceptual identification of criteria and parameters; 4) Comparative Study on the Codes of Discipline and/or Military Justice Systems; 5) Comparative Study on Defense Education and Training Systems in South America; and 6) Regional Glossary of Defense terms and concepts.

As for the Prospective and Strategy area, it can be mentioned that this contains the axis of investigation that address the question of Defense and Natural Resources, more specifically, the line regarding the “Prospective Study South America 2025”.


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