South American Register of Military Inventories

The South American Register of Military Inventories (RESIM), elaborated on the basis of the South American Military Inventories Form (FOSIM), constitutes and effective and also unique instrument of transparency and confidence building in defense and military matters, formulated by the Center for Strategic Defense Studies. Along with the South American Register of Defense Expenditures, this instrument represents a deepening of the measures and climate of trust in defense and military matters among the countries that integrate the Defense Council.

From a methodological design endogenously built, the Register of Military Inventories records, systematizes and clears the South American reality in the field, contributing substantially to the regional integration progress. This Regional Inventory is a result of an institutional process of design and construction among the twelve member countries of the Defense Council.

In order to formulate this Regional Inventory, the CEED, technical instance in the matter, develops the following activities:

a) Reception of the country information (national-FOSIM) regarding each and every one of the existing weapon systems in defense sector, send by each one of the Ministries of Defense according to what was methodologically designed and established for this Register (Optimized Users Guide).

b) Systematization and analysis of the official information sent through the national Forms, integrating the country-data of the twelve member States in accordance with the diverse categories and sub-categories, and formulation of the proper regional institutional product: the South American Register of Military Inventories. In this sense, this institutional instrument has for object the provision of inputs for decision making and the implementation of regional policies in the matter by the South American Defense Council.

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Optimized Manual for the use of the South American Form of Military Inventories(FOSIM)

Statute of the South American Register of Military Inventories


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