Institutionalism of Defense in South America

Under the axis of investigation called “Institutionalism of Defense in South America”, the Center has developed six thematic lines. The first of them, the Report on Institutionalism of Defense in South America, has given origin in the subsequent CEED’s Work Plans to the other existing lines. Hereunder is a brief explanation of each one of them.

This first document, which is under permanent updating and enables to know in detail the defense architectures o the States of the region, gave origin, from the analysis and the study of the information contained therein, to a set of sub-lines that are developed as in-depth studies of some of the most important axis of defense jurisdiction at regional level, namely:

a) Report of Institutionalism.

b) A comparative study of the diverse “military justice” Systems and/or “military discipline” of the CDS states.

c) To carry out comparative studies on “Defense Education and Training Systems”, in order to identify the spaces for the homologation of contents in specific areas.

d) To conduct joint studies for the identification of criteria and the determination of the lowest common denominators to achieve a South American military interoperability.

e) To develop a Regional Glossary of Defense terms and concepts.

Report Institutionalism of Defense in South America

This line of study, which chronologically was the first developed by the Center, has represented the elaboration of an unprecedented regional atlas in defense and military matters. This study, concrete expression of transparency and mutual trust, systematizes and analyses the reality of the regulatory, institutional and organic-functional architecture of defense jurisdictions and of the military structure of each one of the twelve South American countries: these dimensions are addressed in twelve national chapters and in a regional one, which systematizes analysis and conclusions from a regional scope and perspective.

As a report in permanent updating, in its more than five hundred pages, both for each one of the countries of the South American Defense Council and for the comparative regional analysis, the report develops in detail:

i) Defense Policies (Responsibility and design of defense policy, defense leadership);

ii) Regulatory and Institutional Framework (Regulations, system architecture, inter-jurisdictional coordination mechanisms);

iii) Institutional Structure of the sector (military instrument, armed forces, main and subsidiary missions);

iv) International Agreements and mechanisms (Bilateral-Multilateral Agreements and commitments, regional and global, permanent institutional mechanisms);

v) International Cooperation in Defense (Military Exercises, peace operations, humanitarian aid activities).

The rest of the lines of investigation of institutionalism axis are disaggregated from specific and more detailed studies of particular aspect addressed in this first great instrument of policy-making made available to the Defense Council.

"Institutionalism of Defense in South America"

May 2015

"Procedure for the implementation of confidence- and security-building measures"

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