South American Inventory of Defense Agreements

The South American Inventory of International Agreements in Defense matters is a thematic line that constitutes a Register or an Inventory of International Agreements that the member States of UNASUR have signed in Defense matters. The objectives of this Inventory, which is in permanent update, are, mainly, two:

a) to deepen the transparency and the regional trust in the field, by developing an exhaustive systematization of all the commitments subscribed by the member States of the South American Defense Council in defense and military matters, both bilateral and multilateral, regional or global; and,

b) to enhance regional cooperation synergies by enabling the multilateral enlargement of agreements or commitments in force (mainly in areas and/or categories such as strengthening of defense ministries; training civilians in defense; military training and improvement; development of specific technical-military professional capabilities; training in peace missions; humanitarian demining; humanitarian assistance in natural disasters and catastrophes; promotion of human rights, international humanitarian law and gender issues; development of combined exercises, whether they are joint or specific; and/or coordination for the surveillance and control of air border areas).

Regarding the building process, it is important to stress that according to the detailed design of a set of criteria of classification and systematization, the CEED advanced in the elaboration of an institutional product that identifies the status and the registered trends at regional level in legal commitments and international interaction in defense matters. These criteria considered the classification of the subscribed instruments in levels – regional or extra-regional-; character –bilateral or multilateral-; thematic or matter involved; generation of permanent institutional instances and/or institutional commitments and/or mechanisms of implementation, as well as the institutional governmental instance that subscribes –Chief of State or Government, Ministries of Defense and/or Ministries of Foreign Affairs, or equivalent instances-.

The result of the classification process according to the set of those criteria, its corresponding systematization and the subsequent analysis and interrelation of the totality of the available national information, has permitted to determine the currency of more than three hundred commitments that were duly signed by South American States in military and defense matters. The particular components of these set of international instruments have also been classified and interrelated among them in accordance with the detail of the criteria that was previously explained, obtaining an specific record of each one of them regarding, for instance, its bilateral or multilateral character, their regional or extra-regional counterparts, or the various and diverse objects of military or defense cooperation or complementation upon which were opportunely celebrated.

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