Gender Policy: Woman in the Fieldof Defense

As for Gender Policy: Woman in the Field of Defense, it is important to underline that this is another permanent investigation axis of the CEED’s Work Plan.

Initially, this axis of research was delimited in relation to the scope that it currently has. In order to meet the reality of woman in defense field in a broader and systemic mode, this study has implied the design, formulation and implementation of various methodological instruments of exploration, collection, processing, systematization and integration of information, both quantitative and qualitative (from quantitative matrixes of data gathering to the implementation of questionnaires for a wide female universe from military and defense sector with a South American scope).

In fact, regarding the study universe, this implied a great number of feminine personnel –officers, NCO’s and troops-, and as for the qualitative methodological dimension its design was aimed at collecting elements that are usually difficult to conceptualize and dimension, as those related to:

i) regulatory aspects of the possible negative impact on the access or the development of the woman’s professional career;

ii) the “institutional culture” within the armed forces; iii) the experiences and perception of women regarding the entrance to professional academies and institutes; iv) the incidence of the demands of the military career on family and children;

v) the working conditions and environment;

vi) the factors that influence the permanency or distancing of woman in the Armed Forces; and vii) a greater set of diverse aspects such as those that influence the adaptation of the professional requirements linked to the mobility and destinations, address changes, maternity facilities, among others.

A core characteristic for the implementation of the qualitative methodological instrument (questionnaire), not only concerning the possibility to address a considerable sample (almost ten percent of the universe), but also regarding the promotion of a genuine participation on sensitive issues, was that it was implemented virtually, thus guaranteeing the anonymity and confidentiality of the questionnaire. Finally, the investigation is completed with an exploratory study on what are the perceptions and opinions of male military personnel about the situation and perspectives of the professional career of female military personnel.

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Methodological Guide to the Optimized Matrix

Optimized Information and Analysis Matrix for Women in the Field of Defense


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