Defense and Natural Resources

The area of study related to “Defense and Natural Resources”, inserted in the Prospective and Strategy Axis of CEED’s Work Plan, and whose first product is the “Prospective Study South America 2025”, is intended to identify, from the regional security and defense perspective, potential opportunities, challenges and possible risk factors or threats in the matter.

The first part of the “Prospective Study South America 2025”, constitutes a document centered in the “elaboration of a diagnosis of the current situation and the projection of trends towards year 2025 regarding the use and demand of strategic natural resources of the region”. Within the category of resources or materials of strategic nature, it comprises the set of natural resources –renewable and non-renewable- composed by: water resources, metallic minerals, non-metallic minerals and metalloids, energetic minerals, the soil and its productive capacity, as well as fish resources and biodiversity.

On these resources, a detailed study is being carried out, stressing questions related to: i) the magnitude and quality of the natural reserves that South America possesses, establishing its relation with the global totals; ii) the most outstanding uses and applications of these resources and its future technological relevance; iii) the regional investments on these resources; and iv) the flow of world trade –supply and demand- of these resources, and –when relevant- the main consumer regions and/or countries as well as the trend registered in pricing.

The second phase of the study –currently ongoing- is focused in the specific aspects of defense in its regional dimension and in the utilization of participative diagnosis instruments for the identification of vulnerabilities and dysfunctionalities that affect the proper protection and use of the resources in the different dimensions of state responsibilities –mainly those of direct jurisdiction of defense sector–.

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"Prospective Study South America 2025"

CEED - November 2015

Seminar Workshop "Defense and Natural Resources: Vision of Future"

CEED - December 2018


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