Institutional Publications and Documents

By the mandate of the Directive Council, constituted by the Deputy Ministers of Defense of the CDS, the Center produces diverse documents and reports that are then published and printed for its public dissemination and/or made available in the webpage, based on the entrusted studies and researches.

In fact, within this rationality, there are regular publications (such as the South American Defense Observatory, which is monthly published; or the South American Register of Defense Expenditure, document annually published) and other publications that respond to specific studies and investigations (Prospective Study South America 2025), as well as other that are updated when necessary (Report of Institutionalism of Defense in South America).

In addition, the Executive Directorate of the CEED, as established in the regulations, must present a report –six-monthly or annual-, depending on the periodicity of the meetings of its Directive Council – in which is informed all that was made during the referred time period, mainly regarding the lines of investigation and work developed by the CEED. In fact, according what is established in the regulations of the Center, the Executive Directorate presents a Report in each Ordinary Meeting of its Directive Council, which contains all the achievements made in each line of work, and the institutional activities carried out. It is important to stress that, in this sense, from the first of these reports, the CEED’s Directorate has annually presented highly successful management reports both for the Directive Council and the CDS.

Finally, in order to stress the institutional architecture, it is worth mentioning that the normative basis of the CEED are underpinned by a set of documents, namely: Statute, Regulations, Guidelines for the Election of the Executive Directorate members and the Headquarters Agreement of the organization, which was promptly subscribed between the Secretary General of UNASUR and the authorities of the Argentinean Government.


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