Institutional Transparency Policy of the CEED

The Center for Strategic Defense Studies is financed from the UNASUR’s general budget contributions and extraordinary donations of member countries. At first, the annual budget of the Center is approved, by CEED’s Directive Council and, subsequently, and through the Delegates Council, it is set forth for the consideration of the Council of Foreign Affairs Ministers, instance that definitively approves it.

The execution of this Budget takes in consideration the international regulations in force and the rules of the Union, and is exclusively allocated to the fulfilling of the annual Work Plan of the Center, which is defined and approved by the South American Defense Council.

Annually, the CEED complies with two processes of accountability, offering to the South American Defense Council and to the general administration of UNASUR a balance sheet of the management and the fulfillment of the entrusted mandates.

Likewise, as for the budgetary execution, aiming at the transparency and proper use of the allocated resources, the CEED is annually subject to independent financial audits of external nature, which verify the compliance of the Center with what was established by the financial and accounting policies of the Union, the Regulations and the Manuals of Financial and Accounting Management of the UNASUR.

Since year 2013 up to this date, the CEED has had this audits annually, with highly successful results, obtaining the correspondent certifications of the fulfillment of the policies and rules of the organization, as well as the recognition regarding the transparent and responsible use of the resources, and the development of internal control policies.

In addition, the Directorate of the Center reports annually in relation with the Work Plans defined by the CDS, which have been approved by this instance giving projection to new stages in the regional understanding of defense institutionalism and in the development of UNASUR’s general objectives, under its direction.

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