South American Defense Council

The South American Defense Council was created through the decision of the Chiefs of State and Government of the twelve member countries of UNASUR, reunited on 16 December, 2008, in the City of Salvador de Bahía, Brazil, based on the specific objectives established in the Union’s Constitutive Treaty, precisely in the section c, article 3, which establishes “the exchange of information and experiences in defense matters”. Thereby, the South American Defense Council is constituted as an instance for consultation, cooperation and coordination in defense matter at South American level.

The South American Defense Council is composed by the Ministers of Defense, or their equivalents, from the member states of UNASUR and possess, additionally, an Executive Instance, integrated by the Deputy Ministers of Defense, or their equivalents. This Council, one of the twelve sectorial councils of the Union, comprised of Defense Ministers, has among its most important objectives:

a) To consolidate South America as a zone of peace, basis for democratic stability and integral development of our peoples, and as contribution to world peace.

b) To build a South American identity in defense matters which takes into consideration the national and sub-regional characteristics and that contributes to the strengthening of Latin America and the Caribbean unity.

c) To generate consensus to reinforce the regional cooperation in the field of defense.

Decision for the Establishment of the South American Defense Council of UNASUR.

Statute of the South American Defense Council.


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